Alex Morawiecki, Head Coach Hamline University Men's Soccer

"Mental Skills Program delivers unique and specialized presentations that connect with both players and coaches alike.  The lessons learned and principles taught would help anyone become better at what they do. Highly impactful for all and would recommend for both males and females."

Kate Mallory, Concordia University, St. Paul Goalkeeper '16

"Mental Skills Program has helped me to build a stronger soccer mentality. In the past I struggled with goal kicks in games due to over thinking the process. Mental Skills Program helped me develop techniques and cue words through Goal Mapping to assure myself before taking a goal kick. "Let it be" is now the phrase I tell myself before taking a goal kick, reminding myself that I am capable of striking the ball properly and efficiently."

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David Lilly Soccer.jpg

David Lilly, Gustavus Adolphus College Midfielder, NSCAA All-American '15

"Going into college, I never really worked with mental skills before. When I was in high school I thought I just needed to bulk up, be more physical, and just a better athlete overall. I never really thought that actually the way I think about the sport could help me a lot more...it was pretty cool to actually learn about mental skills. It has helped me a lot."